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dental help one of the big secrets you can’t do that in traditional wax if you try to move a tooth and set up wax it’ll pop out dental help  .

dental help

dental help

dental help  it won’t in this wax once you’re done take your maxillary impression just put it in cold tap water it’ll harden back up to a ridge at stake next is jaw measurements this is where most of your questions have come we haven’t taken jaw measurements yet .

We’re gonna do it right now and what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna just use whatever technique you feel comfortable with I’m gonna show you mine I just like in dental school from USC and the s i dot the nose.

I doubt the chin and then I have my dental assistant stand the patient up and I measure a distance that gives me vertical dimension of rest this takes a little time they lick their lips stay I

find that their standing is a little bit more natural for them I want to find the digital position of rest in a class one patient and angles class one patient the distance between the vertical

dimension of rest and the vertical dimension of occlusion is typically around three millimeters so I’m going to make a measurement and determination of vertical dimension of occlusion

decreasing my vertical dimension of rests three millimeters and I’m going to do it by taking the lower tray and putting it in to degree water for about three or four or five minutes I want that

that’s lower waxed to soften very much like a li wax in other words I’ll just drop it in place let it um soften all the way around it becomes I mean remember Ally wax it’s just very soft very pliant let it sit for a couple of minutes then I take the softened lower tray the lower base place it in the

mouth seat it I take the rigid upper base remember we chilled it in cold water all the teeth are stable now and place that in the mouth and then I have the patient close until the distance

between the nose the -dose and the nose is three millimeters shorter than my vertical dimension of rest in other words you can see now where the