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I will go ahead and sound something like fun timers that for you if you’re interested most likely I will not be getting the permanent tooth until next year Fun Timers.

which is genuine right now it is December the or the so it’s not too far   ahead but it might be just a little bit a little bit more of a wait for that video to come out but.

Fun Timers

Fun Timers

I really wanted to  Fun Timers share this video with you guys because it’s something that’s very very personal and it’s something Fun Timers that not a lot of people understand can have such a huge impact on your self-esteem in your life and just the.

Way that you feel by yourself because when you’re when you’re missing a tooth you feel like everybody’s noticing youth like when you talk everybody is looking at the missing tooth right.

Whether Fun Timers it’s actually noticeable or not you know it’s there you know it’s missing and so all you’re thinking is that everyone else can see it like they can see it from a mile away um and so just the kind of touch back on how I was feeling throughout the whole time I was just in very

Very low I felt so just embarrassed and it and um and that I don’t know ashamed might be a weird word to use but I that’s how I felt you know um I remember I spent hours sitting in front of.

The mirror and just figuring out how to talk so that it wasn’t so noticeable so you know if I if I talked a little bit lower where I wasn’t opening my mouth as much as I am right now you know if I if I didn’t speak as loudly my lips wouldn’t move as much and then you couldn’t tell and it was just uh it I just felt so.

Well so I’m just so drained just so terrible and I never wanted to talk to anyone ever wanted to meet anyone I never wanted to go out anywhere I never wanted to be out anymore and I had to be .

I didn’t want more and more people seeing it you know I was just I was just so embarrassed um but that actually didn’t even stop me and it shouldn’t stop you from living your life you know