The Secret of Successful RENAISSANCE DENTAL !!!

we’re gonna  l do a report  overview just kind of talking about you  know Hall depth section of Egosoft works we’re going to talk about smart  documents like what goes into smart docs we’re going to talk about patient filter.

RENAISSANCE DENTAL I know that’s a question a lot of time is how do we filter and what each field mean I’m going to ask under when he  thinks the most important reports are maybe I have some different ones so we’ll talk about.

You know in the office what we use and then like I said I’ll  open it up for questions and we’ll answer any questions that you have so that’s what we’re doing today so Andre I’m going to go ahead and transfer.

It over to you if you want to take control  of the screen you’re doing that I’ll just say that I want to do an overview of reports especially for people who are brand new I’m going to turn my webcam off because.

There we go now you need to share your screen I  think people are a brand new who don’t understand you know what the report section looks like you know favorites you know quick reports.

It’s like when you walk into the RENAISSANCE DENTAL office and the server’s down and you got patients walking on right it’s true let’s see what happens fast all right let’s see if  we get yourself to come up okay fingers crossed.

Everything is generally camera all right do you see your eagle softly oh there we go we see Eagles often so everybody who’s watching I’m going to be watching the attendee chat on.

The left and we’ll let Andre start searching  those reports good so let’s start with I always go to reports directly from my printer yeah there’s a report button up read more RENAISSANCE DENTAL